Friday, 23 October 2015

What's new and happening now...

Lots actually. I always seem to forget or just never have the time to post ideas on the blog. Made a promises last year which defiantly didn't happen and now I'm back.
Starting with my most recent Christmas Card Class.
Check out the page Card classes for ideas and there will be more to come.

In other news, I've recently done a few on-line classes of Watercolour Mediums, Stretch your stamps and Stretch your dies- thanks to a very good friend of mine. And have enjoyed them all.

There will be more pictures to follow up with those soon.

This weekend is the Our Best to You craft sale and I'm super excited this year because I've won tickets on Facebook. Only thing is free tickets doesn't cover the parking fee which I think is just dumb. But Mom and I go every year and have had some success. We seem to go back for the same vendors every year.
Things we've noticed going on different days is Friday- not all vendors are set up yet. I think maybe Saturday is the busiest day that not all vendors get tables for all weekend. But I could be wrong on that.
And going on a Sunday again not all Vendors are present, some have already packed up and left.

So Saturday being the busiest day, and it is a nut house. We go in and face the crowds anyway's.
A few Vendor's and items I think everyone should try are:

Oladesign -Whimsical Art For All Ages Check out - Absolutely love her paintings.

Trails End Buffalo Stix  makes a Healthy Bison & Cranberry Snack Check out: - if you have not tried this product you MUST DO SO!!!! it is so delicious, and good for you. Great to take anywhere.

Beach Pebbles Studio makes Shadow Box Pictures- which use beach pebbles and drift wood. These little shadow box pictures are breathtaking and there's something suited for everyone. I know my Mom own's a lot!! of them.

Pearson's Berry Farm makes Gourmet Food Products Check out: They make a delicious Saskatoon pie, and filling.

Pjzzzz Pyjamas makes Pyjamas & Loungewear  Check out: their pyjamas are super comfy and sells for all ages and prints.

A to Z Illusions  By David the Letter Man Check out: it is very unique how David see's letter's in everyday life and items.

Beary Berry Honey makes Flavoured Honey Products Check out: Delicious Honey products for using in everything. I love the travel honey packs to take everywhere I go.

Calgary Fudge Factory Fudge, Makes Gift Wrapped, Pieces & Tins Check out: Best part is they even make sugar Free fudge for the Diabetic's in any family. Plus who doesn't LOVE fudge???

Ultimate Gourmet makes  Gourmet Foods Check out: but for surly try the Gingerbread Hot Chocolate or Coconut flavour- this is my Favourite stop.

Okay just to name a few. I will stop there. And yes we mostly buy food, but never walk in hungry.

Well that's all for now, speaking of food it's lunch time. I'll check back in soon.

Keep crafting.

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