Thursday, 26 November 2015

Lots of Sadness this month.

I'm thinking I should really do a class just for sympathy cards. Cards for people who loose a family member or a dear pet. This month has been filled with great sadness and family scares.

Today is a memorial for a great lady who we will miss very much. Her infectious laugh, a kind hearted person who will always be remembered. One of her best qualities was that she told things like they were- no bull shit just flat out blunt about anything. You always knew where you stood with her.
She handmade the most delicious cabbage rolls that were her speciality.She was a fighter battling Cancer more than once. And she fought to the end. Today we gather together as a family to remember the best times and to honour her life we all shared with her.

And only two weeks earlier we lots a great fur friend. My brother's dog Zoe had to be put down suddenly. All within two days we found out terrible news and he had to make the decision. There was nothing the vets could do to help her. She was a rescue dog and has come such a long way. She loved food haha just like any other got but Zoe was a great scavenger she hunted moles and mice at the family acreage. She often went on hiking trips and camping trips. She often played with her friend Bear sneaking out for walks and runs through the fields. She recently was the big sister to a little put named Leo who joined her family and loved showing him the ropes. We are going to miss her very much and we are so glad she was a part of our family.

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