Friday, 17 November 2017

Christmas is coming

Lots of projects on the go, Christmas is coming and things must get done.
 Christmas presents and Christmas cards. Check out the Facebook page for the most recent projects.
There's a limited amount of time now for crafting having a 14 month to chase after and keep busy but I enjoy nap time and bedtime for a little time to myself to get the creative juices flowing.
We re-vamped the craft room to another location in the house with better lightening. Still trying to find certain things of course, but it's a great space to craft and it has a great floor space for my daughter to color or play and keep busy. I will post one recent projects soon and what I'm working on. Ow.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Lots of Sadness this month.

I'm thinking I should really do a class just for sympathy cards. Cards for people who loose a family member or a dear pet. This month has been filled with great sadness and family scares.

Today is a memorial for a great lady who we will miss very much. Her infectious laugh, a kind hearted person who will always be remembered. One of her best qualities was that she told things like they were- no bull shit just flat out blunt about anything. You always knew where you stood with her.
She handmade the most delicious cabbage rolls that were her speciality.She was a fighter battling Cancer more than once. And she fought to the end. Today we gather together as a family to remember the best times and to honour her life we all shared with her.

And only two weeks earlier we lots a great fur friend. My brother's dog Zoe had to be put down suddenly. All within two days we found out terrible news and he had to make the decision. There was nothing the vets could do to help her. She was a rescue dog and has come such a long way. She loved food haha just like any other got but Zoe was a great scavenger she hunted moles and mice at the family acreage. She often went on hiking trips and camping trips. She often played with her friend Bear sneaking out for walks and runs through the fields. She recently was the big sister to a little put named Leo who joined her family and loved showing him the ropes. We are going to miss her very much and we are so glad she was a part of our family.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New product available...

Have you seen those lovely enamel dots on every card or scrap booking project out there lately? And you want to see where you can buy them. Some are so expensive for what you're really getting. So something new that I've been making by hand is small Enamel dots. I have decided to share them with everyone and created Dots by Stacy.

Here's some pictures showing what they look like plus the colours I have available at this time.

Size of small dots.

And here's a few close up's so you can read the labels:
First row: Candy Cane, Corals, Sparkle
Second row: Pinks/Purples, Rainbow, Halloween
Third Row: Darks, Glow in the dark, Mixed

First row: Sparkle (again), Mermaid Pearls, Browns
Second row: Halloween (again), Romance, Bright's, Greens
Third Row: Mixed (again), Black pins, Grey Glitter and Christmas mix

I can also put together mixed bags of which ever colours you would prefer. 

Each bag contains 5.9 grams (approx. 100 pieces)
Solid Colours bags are $3.00
and Stripe or stripe combo bags are $4.00 
which also contain 5.9 grams (approx. 100 pieces)
(shipping not included)

I was working on larger dots however the smell of  burning plastic is really hard to get out of the house. I will be putting together bags of the larger dots in a few days of what I have. But there wont be an abundance of any of them or a huge variety of colours. 

If you are interested in purchasing any please let me know. 

Also I'm hoping to do a few updates to pages soon. The Technique page will have some info and cool projects working with Geletos.
The Thank you card page needs a major updating. And hopefully there will be more to follow. 
Keep crafting. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

What's new and happening now...

Lots actually. I always seem to forget or just never have the time to post ideas on the blog. Made a promises last year which defiantly didn't happen and now I'm back.
Starting with my most recent Christmas Card Class.
Check out the page Card classes for ideas and there will be more to come.

In other news, I've recently done a few on-line classes of Watercolour Mediums, Stretch your stamps and Stretch your dies- thanks to a very good friend of mine. And have enjoyed them all.

There will be more pictures to follow up with those soon.

This weekend is the Our Best to You craft sale and I'm super excited this year because I've won tickets on Facebook. Only thing is free tickets doesn't cover the parking fee which I think is just dumb. But Mom and I go every year and have had some success. We seem to go back for the same vendors every year.
Things we've noticed going on different days is Friday- not all vendors are set up yet. I think maybe Saturday is the busiest day that not all vendors get tables for all weekend. But I could be wrong on that.
And going on a Sunday again not all Vendors are present, some have already packed up and left.

So Saturday being the busiest day, and it is a nut house. We go in and face the crowds anyway's.
A few Vendor's and items I think everyone should try are:

Oladesign -Whimsical Art For All Ages Check out - Absolutely love her paintings.

Trails End Buffalo Stix  makes a Healthy Bison & Cranberry Snack Check out: - if you have not tried this product you MUST DO SO!!!! it is so delicious, and good for you. Great to take anywhere.

Beach Pebbles Studio makes Shadow Box Pictures- which use beach pebbles and drift wood. These little shadow box pictures are breathtaking and there's something suited for everyone. I know my Mom own's a lot!! of them.

Pearson's Berry Farm makes Gourmet Food Products Check out: They make a delicious Saskatoon pie, and filling.

Pjzzzz Pyjamas makes Pyjamas & Loungewear  Check out: their pyjamas are super comfy and sells for all ages and prints.

A to Z Illusions  By David the Letter Man Check out: it is very unique how David see's letter's in everyday life and items.

Beary Berry Honey makes Flavoured Honey Products Check out: Delicious Honey products for using in everything. I love the travel honey packs to take everywhere I go.

Calgary Fudge Factory Fudge, Makes Gift Wrapped, Pieces & Tins Check out: Best part is they even make sugar Free fudge for the Diabetic's in any family. Plus who doesn't LOVE fudge???

Ultimate Gourmet makes  Gourmet Foods Check out: but for surly try the Gingerbread Hot Chocolate or Coconut flavour- this is my Favourite stop.

Okay just to name a few. I will stop there. And yes we mostly buy food, but never walk in hungry.

Well that's all for now, speaking of food it's lunch time. I'll check back in soon.

Keep crafting.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Hi Everyone, 
I don't even know where to start, for the fact that I haven't even made an entry since May 2013 is just completely sad. But there's no going back. This is a fresh start to this page. A fresh start to this blog, clearing out the old and starting with new ideas, some new pictures, new projects, cards and lots of other things. 
Maybe a new data and a picture entry every month, but I'm not promising anything. But I'm really going to try. 
For my last year in Stampin up (Ha! I've said that before) I've been doing really well. But time pays off. Classes, clubs, techniques with tools, and product helps. Love the product and it's easy to create amazing things with it. Here are a few of my latest cards:

Also my Punch Bunch Club: each month features a stamp set and coordinating punch with a few other items that you can use to make a set of cards. I create a pamphlet showcasing cards I've made with the supplies from the kit with instructions and pictures showing you how to make each card. For example August's kit was: 
Tag Talk Clear stamp set
Bracket Label Matching Punch
Gift Card Enclosure 10 Pk 
Venetian Crochet Trim 
In color 2014-16 card stock 
Very Vanilla Card stock

And the cards that were created were:

There were a few supplies from previous kits used in this kit, like the itty bitty punches to create the little stars, and also the Hearts border punch. All kits always included two or three free items used on the cards as well. 

This month's kit is the Flower Shop Bundle including: Flower shop clear stamp set, Flower shop Pansy punch, Costal Cabana Card stock, Candy Dots in Brights and Lullaby Designer Series paper. Please contact me if you would like more info on purchasing this kit. 
 Free items are 1 sheet of Gold Glimmer Paper and 1 Sheet of Champagne Glimmer paper. 
This kit also will be using the itty bitty Punch set from June's kit. If you have not purchased it already, you may do so now. 

There was also a Blendabilites club, that was featured throughout a period of 2-3 months. A person would accumulate all the newly featured Blendabilities in all the colours from the Stampin up Catalogue for one low price, that also included a free Memento Ink pad, Free Colour Lifter Marker and a free pack of Skin Tone markers. 

Here is a little info on Blendabilites: 
They are alcohol ink markers made for blending and shading, so they suggest using an alcohol ink such as the Memento ink pad to avoid smudging or bleeding when coloring in a stamped image.  They are sold as three markers in a set per colorway and come in light, medium and dark shades.  There are twelve colorways available and then a whole other set of six skin tones.
A video:

There are so many video's on how to colour with them and different techniques. I do love using them but it takes practice learning how to shade with the different colours. My biggest pet peeve with them is how to store them because apparently they have to lay flat, so that way they last longer.  I have gone through a few ways trying to find the best type of storage that works for me. At first I tried Stampin up's wood mount cases:
But frankly I found the wood mount cases completely frustrating to open up every time I had to get into them for a marker.
So next I tried the small storage case from CTMH

The only way I found this would work was to put all my markers in the container. With just the Blendabilities there was to much space left over and they just rolled around.

But just a few days ago I happen to be in this store that used to be the Bargain, Bargain shop now I couldn't even tell you what it's name is. I'm not sure why they keep changing the names of these places. But anyway's I found these cute little mini drawers that I thought might work for the Blendabilities. Unfortunately at the time I had no idea what size the markers were, I couldn't find measurements anywhere on the web, so I went back today with a hand-full of markers and what do you know they fit. They stack and I bought a set of two. 

Two rows of the Blendabilites can be stacked with room to get them in and out, and with a set of two I have enough room for all my other Stampin up and non-SU markers as well. :) And the mini drawers stack!

Over the last year and a bit I've found some great storage ideas, that I will feature pics and comments in the Organizational section of my blog. If you have any questions just ask, I'm sure I can figure out where I've purchased most of it. Or if anyone has any questions on how to store a particular item I'm sure I could figure it out. I love organizing!! I sometimes go down to my scrapbook room to clean and get lost in organizing random things :)

Because of a very delayed summer vacation my husband and I will be taking at the end of the month, I somehow managed to get my swap cards done for the next two months. Now I can show you this month's, but since some of my good friends check this blog I don't want them to see the card for October yet, since the theme is Technique. Everyone does new technique they've never tried, makes 5 cards and sends them out. I'm really excited to see what everyone creates. I know for certain I've chosen something no one else will do. It was so messy but fun. But back to September's card, the theme was Outdoors, trees, flowers, gardens and or fall. 
I got that really cool leaf stamp in a set, and stamped and coloured it with watercolours. I've had those corrugated green pieces of paper around for years and never used them, they've always just boggled my mind on what to do with them, so finally they fit into a project. 

I'm glad I made these when I did, after that we got snow. Ha! Welcome to Alberta. 
I bought this wicked stamp the other day, just waiting for it to arrive that was so fitting for the first snowfall. the saying goes "Freezin' my snowballs off over here >Happy Winter< " 
Love it !
That one will get used lots. 
Well that pretty much concludes things around here so far, just waiting on a few orders, to create more cards for monthly clubs, and a littler later in October or beginning of November I'll be starting the Christmas cards. 
Tomorrow I may have a few hours for Thanks Giving cards, that seems to be coming up quickly. 
Don't forget to check out the organizing page, Birthday cards and techniques page for new things. 

Till next time. Happy Creating. 


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Flutterby Artistry

Flutterby Artistry is about me being a crafty person. It is so rewarding and such a lot of fun to create, design, scrapbook, stamp, and photograph the world around us. I love havingfun with any project I work on. 

 I offer fresh project ideas on-line samples and hopefully in-house classes and demo's soon. There is always something new to learn and some new products to play with. 

I've been interested in Arts and Crafts and creating my own products and projects for as long as I can remember.

For me, helping someone create that perfect project for a special person or occasion is the best feeling in the entire world. 
After all, creating cards, scrapbook pages, and gift items is about more than just supplies, it’s about sharing a part of yourself with the people you love.  

Hoping to have projects, layouts, pictures of different cards and scrap-booking pages, projects and mini books. Kits for sale, card swaps and all things crafty.